Monday, November 21, 2011

Bitch Re Keystone and the Sundance Crank

This one makes my blood boil--a self-righteous Hollyweird type, writing in the Globe and Mail, blasts Canadians for the eco-crime (the "scourge," he calls it) of wanting to sell their oil to the States. Here's the letter I sent in response:
So it's a "scourge," is it, for free-born Canadians in "the true north strong and free" (a snippet of our national anthem quoted back at us by Hollywood has-been Robert Redford) to access a natural resource and transport it via a pipeline (merely one of dozens) to sell to our free-born brethren in the United States?
What bunkum!
It is abundantly--nay, gushingly--clear that the real scourge, as we know, is to be at the mercy of petroleum exporters--Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, etc.--who spit on our freedom, and who celebrate how easily we fall for a sanctimonous celebrity with a slick line who knows how to exploit Western liberal eco-guilt. 
The oily Wahhabis salute you, Sundance. The rest of us can only shake our heads in wonder at your astounding ignorance as you strike a blow for our continued dependence on some of the most repressive, freedom-loathing lands on the planet.

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