Monday, November 28, 2011

Occupy Toronto Now an Inside Job

From the ever-so-supportive Toronto Star:
A hulking man with his hair in a bun and face partially shielded by a flower-print scarf marches down a dark alley in determined strides.
As Antonin Smith approaches the city-owned St. Patrick Market building a few feet from Queen St. W., just east of John St., he stops abruptly and snaps his head from side to side.
With covert gestures, Smith ushers his confederates through an unlocked door and down the stairs at 238 Queen St. W., to an abandoned basement he hopes will represent the next phase of a stifled movement.
Occupy Toronto is moving indoors.
And it’s illegal.
“This whole basement is barricaded,” said 34-year-old Smith.
“We’re squatting this space.”
He bolts the door behind him. There are thick silver locks installed to keep police away until Smith and his crew of about 25 — the “Squat Squad” — can come up with a plan...
In that case, I guess they'll be there until the undertaker undertakes to take them under.

Update: The voice of the Occupy (bowel) movement is...Miley Cyrus?!? (See what happens when you smoke too much weed?)

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