Sunday, November 20, 2011

Coming Soon to a Campus Near You--the Big Lie, 2012 Edition

The Arab world is in disarray (see Egypt, see Syria, see Islamists cozily installed in Tunisia and Libya) and those parts that are semi-stable (Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states) are bastions of sharia-based repression. And let's not even talk about messiah-obsessed Shias, who not only sponsor genocidal jihadis (Hamas, Hezbo) but who, in the name of their kooky end-times narrative, would obliterate the Jews, with the Palestinians as collateral damage. And yet organizers are already beavering away on next year's Israeli Apartheid Week, an event predicated on the obvious and observable fiction that Israel is a dead ringer for a pre-truth-and-reconciliation South Africa.

Haven't these people something better to do--you know, like donning Guy Fawkes masks and/or occupying a park?

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