Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sick. En. Ing.

There are no words for this: a woman thought to be pregnant is savagely beaten, and no one intervenes because they are far too busy filming it. From the Toronto Star:
Toronto police arrested a teenage girl Tuesday morning in connection with the vicious beating of a woman captured on video outside a downtown Burger King.

The young suspect’s name cannot be released because of her age.

Det. Debbie Harris said two other female suspects in the video have also been identified.

The video shows a woman, originally reported to be pregnant, being beaten by at least three other young women.

Harris said they spoke to the victim Tuesday morning and confirmed she had not been pregnant.

Toronto police were alerted Sunday to the three-minute video, titled “Preggo Dope Fiend Gets Jumped By Hood Chicks In Toronto For Talkin Mess,” by two people who saw it posted on a website...
We have the misfortune to live in truly sick times.

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