Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Vague Hague and the MuBro Winter

Melanie Phillips heaps withering scorn on William Hague, the British Foreign Secretary who stubbornly refuses to see the bad side of the Arab Spring--quel misnomer!--or the part his country has played in fomenting the chaos that is bringing a long, desolate season of Islamist repression and Kafirhass:
The violence in Egypt is the direct result of the toppling of Mubarak that Hague’s government helped bring about. In both Egypt and Libya, where the UK helped provoke regime change, the likelihood that Islamists hostile to the west will come to power looks extremely high.
If they do so, it will be through the very ‘democracy’ that Hague so piously invokes – which is not democracy at all, in any meaningful sense of the word, merely elections. In the absence of the necessary preconditions of democracy – rule of law, independent judiciary, free press and institutions of civil society – elections can merely bring another set of tyrants to power (as happened with Hamas). With the only alternative to such an Islamist government in Egypt likely to be the army council, the words devil and deep blue sea come to mind.
So do the words good intentions pave the road to Hell.

Be careful what you wish for?

Update: Israel braces for the deep-freeze.

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