Thursday, November 24, 2011

Harpoon Siddiqui Sides With Our Enemies. Why Does He Still Have His Order of Canada?

If you ignore the fact that the Ayatollah and Ahmadinejad are fanatical "Twelvers" who are looking forward to the imminant arrival of their messiah, the Mahdi; if you discount Ahmadinejad's Holocaust denial and World Without Zionism conferences; if you forget about Hamas and Hezbo and Syria, lapdogs, all, of the evil Ayatollah, then maybe, just maybe, the following words of the Toronto Star's resident shill for all things Islamic/ist make a modicum of sense:
You don’t have to be a nuclear engineer to know that much of what’s being said about the Iranian nuclear program, including by the Stephen Harper government, is humbug.
• Iran admits to enriching uranium — for producing energy. But neutral observers are certain it is racing to acquire not so much a bomb as nuclear capability as a tool of regional supremacy.
Iran has not attacked a neighbour or invaded another country for ages. It only fought back ferociously when Iraq under Saddam Hussein waged war on it (1980-88). He did so with American and European arms, while Iran bought Israeli arms. Now the calculus has changed.
Iran may be violating the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty but it’s a signatory that must open up its nuclear facilities to international inspection. Israel, India and Pakistan, which also developed the bomb on the sly, refuse to sign the treaty and don’t show a thing to the International Atomic Energy Agency. Yet they get rewarded by the U.S. while Iran is subjected to illegal covert actions — contamination of its nuclear computers with viruses and assassination of its scientists...
Poor babies. 

Is speaks volumes about Harpoon and his mindset that his mission here is to elicit sympathy for what is perhaps the most despicable, disgusting regime on the planet, and that he does so whole-heartedly and with no worry at all that, in going to bat for the Ayatollah, he has situated himself squarely in the enemy camp.

David Ahenakew was stripped of his Order of Canada for uttering a few ignorant things about "the Jews". In siding with the Ayatollah and the zany, overtly genocidal Shias, Harpoon Siddiqui has done something far, far worse; something, in fact, that verges on treason.

High time to divest the sneaky one of his O of C, no?

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