Monday, November 28, 2011

See the "New" Mosqueteria, Same as the Old Mosqueteria

The Toronto Star reports that the "geniuses" of the Toronto District School Board have "solved" the mosqueteria problem. Since people were objecting to a middle school cafeteria being transformed into a Saudi-style house of worship, it will now be...tranformed into a Saudi-style house of worship. The only difference is that now the service will be led, Saudi-style, by a fervent male student from the near-by high school who takes his marching orders from the local mosque which used to supply the imam:
So far the students have led only one service since they resumed for the winter, which drew some 300 Valley Park students. Stefanoff noted they “were actually pretty quiet and orderly.”
Khoda said the prayers begin with a sermon in Arabic from a book provided by the local mosque. He said the student leader wears a robe and female students sit behind their male classmates — a point that drew fire this summer for violating gender equity.
See--problem "solved".

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