Saturday, November 19, 2011

More TDSB "Diversity" Madness

Marcus Gee says an "Africentric" high school, which has just received the thumbs-up from the geniuses on the Toronto District School Board, is "an affront to everything Toronto stands for":
Toronto, as we know, is among the most diverse places on the planet, but it is not a city of ghettos. It is successful at least in part because it has rejected special treatment, segregation, racial politics and exclusivity. 
The public schools are where young people from different backgrounds learn to live together. They are the crucible of integration. If the great Toronto experiment is working, the schools are the reason...
Memo to Marcus: It ain't working.

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ReluctantSerf said...

An Africentric high school could be useful. They could, for example, teach that the white people of western civilization were the only people in history to ban slavery; that they were the only people to send large numbers of their sons to die fighting to abolish slavery, and that they invented the entire concept of equality for all and human rights, irrespective of skin color.

It could also inform students that American Democrats, who claim to be the defenders of Africentric people, were the party that not only resisted all civil rights initiatives historically, but who also favored sterilizing the "lesser" races as part of an ongoing policy of eugenics.

Finally, it could point out that there is another "culture" - strongly supported by Democrats and other members of the left wing "anti-racist" crowd - that has enslaved more blacks by far than any white people ever have, that continues to practice slavery to this day, viewing it as god's will, and that has and continues to murder large numbers of blacks in mass genocides. They might even point out that the many young blacks who are supporting this "culture" today are, shall we say, fatally naive.