Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Moderate" Hamas-Loving Islamist Does D.C.

Martin Kramer writes (on facebook):
Rachid Ghannouchi, Tunisia's "moderate" Islamist who's in deep with Hamas, is headed for Washington, if he isn't there already. This item says he's being honored by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, but they aren't commenting, and I doubt it's true (although he's speaking at a closed session there on Friday). He's also doing other think-tanks. More to come.
Update: How are things going in "moderately" Islamist Tunisia? From the sounds of this, not so well:
The dean of the University of Letters, Arts, and Humanities of Manouba is being held hostage along with several other professors by a group of Salafists who have been protesting all day against the ban of the niqab at universities and demand a prayer place.
One of the professors who witnessed the protest said the group threatened him and verbally abused other professors. The professor called on the protection of the army, but no security forces had yet been confirmed arrived.
Observers reported more demonstrators still joining the protest as of this evening, arriving by car equipped with mattresses to spend the night.
Contacted by telephone, Mohamed Bennour, press secretary for Ettakatol, a major secular party in Tunisia’s Constituent Assembly, said, “This is not acceptable, this is not a way to express or defend freedom in this country. It will only lead to chaos.”...
No kidding.

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