Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Varsity Scribbler Freaks and Shrieks That "Racial Profiling" in the U.S. is Joe McCarthy Redux

According to a semi-hysterical observation in U of T student rag The Varsity
Muslims in the US face a new McCarthyism, with second-class rights to privacy, widespread racial profiling and paranoiac reporting on home-grown terrorism.
Take a deep breath there, boy. If anything, authorities bend over backwards so as to not racially profile. And if you don't believe me, I suggest you tune in to a few episodes of TLC reality series All-American Muslim. If that shows "a new McCarthyism" in action, believe me when I say there are untold numbers of Muslims living in awful places in the Muslim world who would give anything to flee the horrors at home and move to idyllic Dearborne, Mich.; FYI, getting mowed down in cold blood by the local Barbarian-in-Chief is a lot worse than being subjected to a fictitious "new McCarthyism". Heck, compared to living in, say, Syria, even the old McCarthyism--which amounted to being blacklisted but not tortured and/or killed--isn't so bad.

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