Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Henry Kissinger, Potential Terrorist?

No one in his/her right mind would fret that an aged, wheel-chair-bound former Nixon administration bigwig who, by the way, once won a Nobel Peace Prize, might possibly pose a threat to fellow airplane passengers. But then, who ever said the TSA was in its right mind?

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Carlos Perera said...

I'm not really surprised that the TSA folk--whose IQs all seem to be well down in the double digits--could not recognize Henry Kissinger. I'm even less surprised that they made a feeble octogenarian submit to a full-body search: the same thing happened last summer to my Alzheimer's-afflicted father, when we flew to Minneapolis from Jacksonville to visit our daughter.

Because he was in a transport chair, due to balance deficits, the TSA officers refused to let him go through the X-ray scanner--bad enough in itself--subjecting him instead to frisking. I don't know what he made of the indignity to which he was subjected; though he was obviously not pleased by the procedure, we were able to keep him calm, so that he did not become combative . . . I would not have been surprised, had he done so, to see the security goons tackle him to the floor and cuff him.

Oh well, at least, as the sorry incident involving Dr. Kissinger shows, the TSA personnel are equal-opportunity morons and bullies.