Friday, May 25, 2012

Mark "Nostradamus" Steyn's Prediction Comes True as Horndog Bill Clinton Consorts With Porno Chicks in Monaco

In conversation with Hugh Hewitt yesterday, Steyn comments re this risible sight:
MS: Right, you know, what I find odd about this is that the year of Monica, which was what, 1998, 1999 now? I wrote in the Telegraph in London, I thought let’s, I said pitch it on ten years down the road. Bill Clinton’s in retirement, or he’s had a midlife career change, and he’s running a porno house in Amsterdam showing, I don’t know whether it was Farm Girls Gone Bad or whatever. But what astonishes me, and which often happens, by the way with the left, is that you make a casual joke about them like that, and ten years later, it comes true.
HH: (laughing) Yeah.
MS: (laughing) Bill Clinton is living my throwaway gag from 1998.
And loving it!

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