Friday, May 25, 2012

ISNA Canada Convention Adopts a "Green" Theme

From onislam:
TORONTO – Environment preservation has dominated the annual convention of a major Islamic group in Canada in an effort to raise environmental awareness in the Muslim community.
“This theme was chosen to provide an opportunity to reflect on the dramatic changes which took place at ISNA Canada, in Muslim countries and all over the world,” Mohammed Bekkari, President of Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) Canada, told
“These changes reflect a new way of thinking and behaving.”
Themed “A New Era Unfolds: Rising to the Challenge”, ISNA held its 38th Annual Convention in Mississauga, Ontario, last week.
 The group incorporated a green theme, "Green for ISNA, Green for the Environment," in the convention to raise environmental awareness among participants...
"Green for Sharia," more like, but you can understand why they didn't go with that one.

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Unknown said...

Hi, while talking about 'Green' how about this example of 'Islamic Green:

Video - 'Apocalyptic' island of waste in the Islamic Maldives.