Friday, May 18, 2012

The Freds and Gingers of the Jihad Advised on How to Keep the Romance Alive

The indefatigable BCF unearths some more multiculti dirt--a Canadian website which advises chicks wed to jihadis (and by extension to the jihad itself) to keep fighting the "good" fight, and perhaps even become human bombs, should their menfolk happen to be apprehended and plunked in jail.

A fine romance, indeed:

A fine romance, with explosives.
A fine romance, so, yo, what gives?
Some say the jihad is rife
With mistakes and follies
But we're as hot as tomorrow's hot tamales.
A fine romance,
We're committed.
A fine romance,
It's half-witted.
We might as well admit
That the whole thing's daft.
Jihad doesn't stand a chance.
This is a fine romance.

Update: Further BCF drollery (about a jihadi mama speaking to the decapitated head of her dead sonny boy).

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