Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'd Hold Off on Celebrating Egyptian "Democracy" Just Yet, Mr. Kay

Egypt is in engaged in a showdown between the junta running the joint--who are determined to hold onto power no matter what--and the Islamists (MuBros, Salafists) who hold the majority of seats in Parliament. Meanwhile, the Sinai Peninsula has become a staging ground for the jihad against Israel.

Hands up anyone who thinks that's likely to turn out well.

Oh, wait--Jonathan Kay has his hand up:
Egypt held the world’s attention when massive crowds first showed up at Tahir Square demanding freedom. It is time for the world to start paying attention again. Not only is democracy beginning to take root in Egypt, but the country’s presidential aspirants are candidly wrestling with the thorniest issues the society faces. Resolving the clash between Islam and secularism, and between Egypt’s autocratic past and its democratic aspirations, will take many years. But as Thursday’s debate shows, the process is well underway. That’s something worth noticing — and celebrating.
Gloomy Gus Robert Spencer, on the other hand, is hell-bent on spoiling the partay before it even gets going, as are the almost 2/3 of Egyptians who, according to a new poll, say they want more sharia, please, and an end to that peace deal with Israel.

That's something worth noticing, alright.

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