Thursday, May 17, 2012

Obama H. Christ

Abe Greenwald writes re Obama's mythomania:
Exhibit A in the myth-making project is Dreams from My Father, a 1995 text on the genesis of the character who became president. Now revealed as a patchwork of “composite” people and events, Dreams can be seen properly as a life in parables. There is the Parable of the American in the Developing World, the Parable of the Mixed Race Student Dating the White Student, and so on. It’s not what did or did not actually happen, it’s what we take away from these stories that counts. Dreams literalists are a dwindling lot.
And that speech he gave in Cairo--that was his Sermon on the Mount, right?

Dreams literalists may or may not be dwindling, but there are still plenty of them in the confoundingly Obama-besotted media.

Update: Born it says in Keenya/Moved to Indonesia/King Barack...

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