Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why Did Bernie Speak at the '07 ISNA Canada Convention?

This is an addendum to yesterday's post: I was trying to remember what was happening five years ago that would have spurred the then-Grand Poobah of Jewry to make an appearance at an ISNA convention. And then I remembered. Back then Bernie was still angling to get the province to pony up funding for private religious schools, and was making nicey-nicey with Muslims in the hopes that they would link arms with Jews and they could all march to/pressure Queen's Park to cough up the dough.

How well did that work out? Well, let's just say that, five years on, the Ontario Conservative leader who was persuaded to run with that toxic football is no longer in politics, and the Jewish outfit that Bernie helmed, the 90+-year-old Canadian Jewish Congress, is no longer in existence.

The Islamists, on the other hand, are still going strong.

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