Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Phooey on You, WFP. It Would Be Idiotic and Irresponsible for the Government to Adopt a Hands-Off Approach to the "Human Rights" Mausoluem

An editorial in the Winnipeg Free Press claims that the Minister of Heritage voicing disapproval over the contents of a sex exhibit at Ottawa's Museum of Science and Technology is "out of line" and bodes ill for the "human rights" mausoleum:
Such a trend does not bode well for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, which will be dealing with much more controversial matters on a regular basis. An advisory committee even recommended it be governed independent of the government so its work could not be corrupted by short-term political considerations.
National museums are capable of handling controversy and protest on their own, without any help from the prying hands on Parliament Hill.
One shudders to think of the "controversial matters" that will be on display at the shrine to victimhood. If there's any "corruption" to be seen--and I have long contended that there is--it is not due to any government interference but is inherent to and evident in the mausoleum's farcically ill-conceived mission.

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