Monday, May 28, 2012

Bernie's "Bullies" Beef

Quick now, who's the biggest bully in the province of Ontario? I contend that it's chief "human rights" commissar Barbara Hall, who loves to micro-manage the hoi polloi, fore'er trying to perfect us (and fore'er failing, because, as we should have learnt from the examples of Mao and Uncle Joe, and from the works of George Orwell, human being are not--and never will be--perfect, and efforts to make them so can and often do end catastrophically).

And runner-up in the biggest bully category? Why it's the chief commissar-in-waiting Bernie Farber, the former Official Jew who bullies folks in the name of "human rights" and its little poseur buddies, "tolerance" and "civility." Today, Bernie beats up on "bully bloggers" who, in the political scheme of things, have no power, but who have the unalloyed chutzpah to criticize the motives and M.O. of wonderful him, a paragon of "tolerance," a "human rights activist" non pareil. (H/T BCF)

Bernie's problem is that he wants to be worshipped by us, all the little people. And when the uppity few refuse to get with his veneration program, he lashes out and labels them "bullies" (which, with the possible exception of being "racist," is the worst thing one can be these days).

How sad. And how terribly--how pathetically--petty.

Update: In his HuffPo piece, Bernie waxes faux-folksily about a old shtetl tale.
My tradition is rich in stories that tell us of the importance of guarding our tongues. We are told that the tongue is so powerful that it requires two gates (the lips and teeth) to restrain.
There is an old Hasidic tale that tells of a man who spoke ill of his neighbour. Realizing his mistake he went to a rabbi and asked forgiveness. The rabbi said he would be forgiven but first he must take a feather pillow to the centre of town, rip it open and spread the feathers to the wind. The villager did as the rabbi asked. When he returned he told the rabbi his job was completed and asked for forgiveness. "Now," said the rabbi, "go and collect each of those feathers."
"But that's impossible" said the man.
"Precisely," the rabbi answered, "and while you may sincerely regret the damage you have done, it's as impossible to undo it as it is to recover all the feathers."
My tradition (Orwell, Menken, Hitchens, Steyn, etc.) is rich in satire, invective and vitriol; in the faux-folksy dep't, I got nada--and certainly nothing bromidic about feathers as a justification for self-censorship. Well, except for my update of the rabbi in Fidder on the Roof's blessing for the Czar: "May God  bless and keep sharia...far away from us."

Not sure if Bernie would go for it, though, since he was one of the many august speakers (including some big time Islamists) on the roster at the 2007 ISNA Canada Convention.

Update: Speaking of the above-mentioned convention, Bernie and two others gabbed on this topic:

Interfaith Collaboration: beyond dialogue
The recognition of universal common values and peaceful co-existence are grounded in principles such as equality and justice, as articulated in the holy Qur'an. These principles enjoin human beings to unite in their civic duty to uphold concern for the moral and social well being of all. This session will discuss how, far from diluting one's commitment to his or her faith tradition, interfaith dialogue and action can be seen as an opportunity for Muslims and non-Muslims to live these values, and deepen that commitment by becoming a catalyst for personal, social and cultural transformation
Er, Bernie was aware when he agreed to speak on this subject that ISNA Canada is a Muslim Brotherhood front that uses interfaith/da'wa/leftist "social justice" spin as a means of advancing its agenda, wasn't he?

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