Friday, May 18, 2012

Gag Me With a Handmade 'Stop Harper' Sign

The new Maclean's just came in the mail and OMG there's an interview with the Pippi Longstocking of Canadian activism, Brigitte DePape! (BCF prefers to call her "Briquette"--such a funny cat, he is!) Since the interview (occasioned by the publication of a book co-edited by Briquette) is not yet available online, I quote from my paper copy:
Q: Before his death late last summer, Jack Layton spent a lot of time trying to coax young activists into party politics, arguing they belonged in his NDP. Does trying to get elected fit with your vision of activism?
A: I think there is a sense by many young people of lacking faith in governments that are in power, not believing in them because they aren't meeting the needs of anyone in our society. So I thing there is a sense that we need to use non-traditional means of protest to achieve our common goals around the public interest. It has been social movements that historically have overcome these massive injustices, if you look at the civil rights movement or the women's movement.
My question: How did Briquette co-edit an entire book when the above utterance shows that she's barely literate? As for government not "meeting the needs of anyone in our society"--speak for yourself, Briquette. Also, re historical social movements: you might also want to take a gander at, say, the Jacobins and the Commies, Pippi. Things didn't work out very well for/because of them.

Update: BCF's Briquette is awfully cute. The Ceeb should turn her into a 'toon star for kiddies.

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Carlos Perera said...

Mlle DePape looks remarkably like my younger daughter. Lord, I hope no genetic link exists . . . which is actually possible, as my wife is half French-Canadian!