Monday, December 2, 2013

Ain't That a Kitt in the Head: An O-Care "Santa Baby"

I've updated Mark Steyn's Song of the Week to reflect the current predicament of untold millions of Americans:

Barry, baby,
Just slip some health care under the tree
For me.
They say the website is "fixed,"
Barry, baby,
So hurry and insure me today.

Barry, baby,
I hear it's very easy to do
At 2
Or even at 3 a.m.
Barry, baby, just hurry and insure me today.

Think of all the mess you've made.
Couldn't keep my health care, didn't make the grade.
Also lost my fav'rite doc.
I guess your words were empty talk.
(Boo doo bee doo)
Barry, baby, want what I had
And, really, that's not bad.
Why did you take it away?
Barry, honey, please give me back my health care today.

Barry, cutie,
Remember that "Yes We Can"?
Oh, man.
I didn't quite understand.
Barry, cutie, so hurry and insure me today.

Barry, baby, I would have voted for Mitt, a bit.
You lied to us the whole time.
Barry, baby, you fooled 'em so you'd rule 'em today.

Come on and exempt me, please.
You've done it for unions and the Pelosis.
You sure can do it if you try.
If they don't pay then why should I?
(Boo doo bee doo)

Barry, baby, forgot to tell you how it all goes--it blows.
I don't mean like a horn.
Barry, baby, and hurry and insure me today.

Hurry and insure me today.

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