Sunday, December 8, 2013

Artie Erdogan Demonstrates That He Who Writes (or, Rather, Rewrites/Whitewashes) the History Books Gets to Control the Present and the Future

Turkey's strong horse shows how the above credo is working its toxic magic in Kosovo:
Although [Turkey's] money is welcome in impoverished Kosovo, some charge that Turkey is seeking to improve its image in its former possession from the ground up, starting with whitewashing the history of the Ottoman Empire in school books.

For evidence, they point to recent revisions in textbooks for grades five through 12 that strike a conciliatory note toward the Balkans’ former imperial master.

Where last year’s eighth grade history textbook stated, “at the end of the 19th century, Albanians were still facing the cruel Ottoman rule,” this year, pupils learn that “at the end of the 19th century, Albanians were still under Ottoman rule.” 
One sultan is described in the new 11th grade textbook as “strict and shrewd.” Last year, he was “cruel and shrewd.” Twelfth-graders used to read that the Ottomans, after dissolving the League of Prizren – a movement for Albanian autonomy within the empire – “waged previously unseen terror.” Terror has now been replaced by the much milder “political repression.”

Defenders of the changes say they are line with European standards and are intended to combat the tendency, prevalent in the region, to use textbooks to whip up nationalism and to stoke resentment of historical enemies...
Funny, I thought such "European standards" are intended to obfuscate the historical record for the sake of political correctness and to assuage Western self-loathing (although, clearly, that's the exact opposite of why Artie, Islamic supremacist that he is, has become the standard-bearer of these standards).

FYI, such revisionism isn't restricted to Europe. In fact, it's occurring right here in Toronto. In my son's Grade 10 Jewish history course, for example, he is learning that
The city of Medina had many Jews and some Christians living there. The Jews were not persecuted as long as they did not make rebellions against the majority Muslims and as long as they paid taxes.
Gosh, that seems awfully enlightened, don't you think? Considering how rosy things were, one wonders why anyone would balk at being ruled by Muslims.

Update: Here's the bloody, savage, God's-honest truth:
The Quran is replete with comments about Jews. Many are positive and many are offensive, denigrating, and full of Jew hatred. When one considers the Islamic concept of abrogation (Naskh wa Mansukh), whereby the more recent of Muhammad’s revelations cancel out and replace the older ones, matters become much clearer and the seeming contradictions regarding attitudes towards Jews can be easily explained. It becomes evident that when he was militarily weak Muhammad’s pronouncement about Infidels were kindly and respectful, but as Muhammad became more powerful and confident his animosity and hatred of the Jews became more vitriolic. The genocidal beheading of all the men (some 600-900) of the Jewish tribe of Medina Banu Qurayza by Muhammad and his followers, serves as a model of treatment of infidels for Muslims to this very day. 

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