Saturday, December 7, 2013

Obama's Road to Serfdom Gives Rise to a Gaping Divide

The "haves" and the "have-nots"? That's soooo Das Kapital. The "1%" versus the "99%"? No, that won't do, either. Here, let Mark Steyn unpack the real societal divide of our time:
So what does every initiative of the Obama era have in common? Obamacare, Obamaphones, Social Security disability expansion, 50 million people on food stamps . . . The assumption is that mass, multi-generational dependency is now a permanent feature of life. A coastal elite will devise ever smarter and slicker trinkets, and pretty much everyone else will be a member of either the dependency class or the vast bureaucracy that ministers to them. And, if you’re wondering why every Big Government program assumes you’re a feeble child, that’s because a citizenry without “work and purpose” is ultimately incompatible with liberty. The elites think a smart society will be wealthy enough to relieve the masses from the need to work. In reality, it would be neo-feudal, but with fatter, sicker peasants. It wouldn’t just be “economic inequality,” but a far more profound kind, and seething with resentments.
Something to consider: "progressives" are actually possessives. That is, they want to possess all the power they possibly can (for the greater good of all, purportedly)--and possess you via the geegaws and shiny baubles they dole out. And Obama? Why, he's the biggest possessive to ever occupy the White House. It will take generations to undo the damage he's wrought--if, indeed, it can be undone.

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