Friday, December 20, 2013

Why Do These Aboriginal Courses for OISE Educators Sound Like Something You'd See on Oprah TV?

Maybe because they're more about victimhood and therapy than they are about education? Here's the Oprahesque OISE list that caught my eye:
Graduate courses at OISE include:Indigenous Healing in Counselling and Psychoeducation
Foundations of Aboriginal Education in Canada
Implications for Education: Aboriginal World Views
Aboriginal Community Learning
Integrating Traditional Healing Practices into Counselling and Psychotherapy

Centering Indigenous-Settler Solidarity in Theory and Research
Race, Indigenous Citizenship and Self-Determination: Decolonizing Perspectives
Damaged victims, victims, victims, victims, eee-ville colonizers, victims: I think I'd assign OWN TV's hyper-empathetic life-fixer Iyanla to field those.

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