Sunday, December 1, 2013

"Diversity" Enforcer Insp. Ricky Veerappan (The Cop Who Strong-Armed a Local Rabbi Into Giving the Boot to Anti-Jihad Activist Pam Geller) Gets a Big Deal "Peace" Tchotchke

Because that's how it rolls in these "diversity"-crazed precincts:
A Richmond Hill police officer was awarded a peace medallion last week.  
The YMCA of Greater Toronto awarded their highest honour of the year to York Regional Police Inspector Ricky Veerappan for building peace in the community and inspiring the lives of others.  
Since December 2004, the police inspector has volunteered hundreds of hours to York Regional Police’s Adopt a Mission Jamaican Project, a Missionaries of the Poor orphanage in Kingston, Jamaica. 
Insp. Veerappan has led fundraisers, food, toy and clothing drives to provide the necessities of life to children in the orphanage. His volunteerism, perseverance and dedication has received support from local and international community organizations...
Clearly the inspector, who heads up what is euphemistically known as an "Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Bureau" (shudder; in Saudi Arabia, the EDI Bureau is called the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice), does a lot of good. But that doesn't mitigate the bad he does by acting as the muscle for those who understand "peace" in the sharia and/or Islamist sense of the word. Which is to say the peace and quiet that will be in place once everyone (especially uppity, mouthy Jewish broads like Pamela Geller) expunges "alien" notions about free speech being pivotal to a free society and no longer complains about control freaks who demonize our most crucial freedom because it supposedly encourages "hate" and/or "blasphemy." (BTW, whatever happened to the complaint Geller launched against Little Ricky? Has it gone anywhere? Or, more likely, has it been buried forever?)

Good job, Inspector Ricky! Because of your stalwart efforts, the peace the "diversity" busybodies seek can be seen, tantalizingly, just over the horizon.

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