Monday, December 9, 2013

Gaza Wise Guys Parody the Van Damme Volvo Ad

ABC News is most sympathetic to their desperate plight, natch:
Palestinians in the Gaza Strip last week showed that Jean-Claude Van Damme isn't the only one who can do an "epic split," and are using a viral video to highlight Gaza's infrastructure issues.  
A comedy troupe in the packed, poverty-ridden Palestinian territory on Thursday released a spoof of a viral Volvo advertisement that featured Van Damme, a Belgian martial artist and actor, doing a split between two moving trucks. 
 The Gazans put a Palestinian twist on the video, titled "The Epic Split," by replacing a monologue from Van Damme about his "ups and downs" and "body crafted to perfection" with a voiceover in Arabic that decries Gaza's poor infrastructure.  
"The electricity cuts off for 12 hours," 28-year-old Mahmoud Zuiter, a member of Tashwesh Productions, says in the video, which has English subtitles. "The water turns on when the electricity cuts off. I miss taking a shower!"  
In the Volvo ad, which has over 58 million, the camera zooms out to show Van Damme suspended between two trucks, which are driving parallel to each other, slowly move apart as the actor drops into a split.  
In the spoof, Zuiter stands on the hoods of two Kia cars...
Two Kia cars? With all the bazillions that have poured into Hamas-controlled Gaza (none of which, apparently, has gone to infrastructure, a la Obama's "stimulus" package that was supposed to--but never did--address U.S., um, "infrastructure issues"), surely they could afford real Volvos. 

And, oh yeah--IT'S ALL ISRAEL'S FAULT!!!

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