Monday, December 9, 2013

More Proof That Justin Trudeau Is Just a Pretty, Empty-Headed Frontman

Without perhaps meaning to, Liberal MP Dominic LeBlanc spills the beans when he tells a reporter that the decision re which question(s) to raise in the House of Commons on any given day occurs while Justin is AWOL:
“He doesn’t participate in that [determining which questions to raise in the H of C],” says LeBlanc. 
“Sometimes he will ask us…to give him advice on where we thinks he should start. Like, what subject should he start on.” 
LeBlanc – who is 45 with dark brown hair, a wide smile, and what appear to be chewed fingernails – has known Trudeau since infancy, but the bond began before they were born. 
His father was Lester B. Pearson’s press secretary (LeBlanc was born the day Pearson resigned, with the Ottawa Citizen headline declaring: “Press secretary loses a boss, but gains a son”) before becoming an MP, Senator, and then Governor General. 
Perhaps most metaphorically, LeBlanc used to babysit the Liberal leader whom he now calls boss. 
So what is Trudeau doing while his caucus prepares for the day? 
“He’s probably dropping his kids off at school,” LeBlanc says, insisting neither Stephane Dion nor Michael Ignatieff attended such meetings. 
“I mean, I don’t know what he’s doing at 8 o’clock.”...
Sounds to me like LeBlanc is still babysitting him, and not metaphorically.

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