Monday, December 9, 2013

Zeke the Zealot the Best (i.e. the Worst) Possible Spokesman for O-Care

Dr. Zeke Emmanuel is ex-Obama factotum Rahm's big bro, and an "architect" of the freaky, unaffordable, Rube Goldberg-like construct that is O-Care. In this clip, Zeke the Zealot tells Chris Wallace that when his fearless leader said "I you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, period," what he really meant was that if you'd like to pay extra to keep your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Maybe.

Phew, so glad that Zeke has cleared up that bit of unfinished business.

Not really.

In fact, Zeke's spin manages to be simultaneously both splenetic and anemic (no mean feat) such that, were I high up in the GOP, I would pay him to keep spinning. The more frequently he's on the tube, the sooner a critical mass of Americans will rise up and get rid of the rinky-dink apparatus (one that's so imbecilic that only a brainiac like Zeke could have come up with it--and thought that it would work).

Update: You can't keep your doctor. You can't keep your health plan. And, bottom line, because of the hefty deductible, you're going to be paying for most of your medical care out of your own pocket. Period. Can't wait to hear Zeke try to sell this:
But the point about insurance is not just what it costs to have it, but what it will cost you when you have to use it. If, as the Times reports, the deductible on some of these plans is $5,000 for an individual and $10,000 for a couple, then as far as many Americans are concerned, pretty much everything short of a hospital stay or surgery is going to mean that they are going to have to pay all medical costs out of their own pockets. Which means, as far as most of the Americans who are being forced onto the state exchanges are concerned, short of a catastrophic event, ObamaCare is the moral equivalent of having no insurance at all.
In that case, it should really be called NO-Care.

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