Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Elmo Makes a Comeback

When last we heard from Dr. Mohamed Elmasry, former chief of the Canadian Islamic Congress and notorious sock puppeteer, he was maintaining a very low profile and languishing in obscurity at an unread website. Lo and behold Elmo has suddenly resurfaced--and in very dubious company, indeed. Along with "master manipulator" Sami Al-Arian, Dr. E. has gone to Washington to help make the case for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Who says there are no second acts in Islamist life?

Update: Ooops! Wrong Elmasry.  (Who knew there were two of 'em?) Seems the ex-CIC Elmo is still languishing in obscurity while another Elmo has stepped up to the plate. Sorry for getting my Elmos mixed up.

As the late, great Emily Litella would have said in such situations: never mind.


Sanwin said...

Not sure if this is the same El Masry.

If you look at Mo El Masry's facebook page, he comes out against the Muslim Brotherhood government.

Sanwin said...

Sanwin said...