Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Authors of Gushing Tome About Canada's Soon-To-Open "Human Rights" Mausoleum Praise the Joint's Architect in an Awfully Strange and Creepy Way

In an excerpt of Miracle at the Forks: The Museum That Dares Make a Difference by Peter C. Newman and Allan Levine (found in the current issue of Maclean's) you'll see this bizarre passage:
Martin Heidegger explained that the significance of our dwellings on Earth must be understood in relation to “the primal oneness of earth and sky”—Earth as “the serving bearer, blossoming and . . . rising up into plant and animal”; sky as “the vaulting path of the sun, the course of the changing moon, the wandering glitter of the stars . . .” That’s a pitch not likely to be used by your average Remax sales agent, but it goes to the heart of this unusual architect’s operational code.
Martin Heidegger, eh? You mean the Martin Heidegger who was hot for Hitler and heiled like mad all through WW2?

That Martin Heidegger?

Er, does anyone else thinks it's profoundly weird and hugely offensive to quote a member of the Nazi party in order to praise the architect behind an edifice supposedly devoted to "human rights"?

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