Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Liberal Jew Urges Us to Put Our Trust In Justin

Jonathan Goldbloom, who wants to be the Liberal candidate in the federal riding of Mount Royal, insists that Justin Trudeau is entirely trustworthy when it comes to Israel:
Canada, under a Liberal government, will solidly support Israel.  We could also play a constructive role in the peace process. One vital step, for example, would be to help in establishing mechanisms to ensure a genuine, verifiable demilitarization of Gaza.   
Canadian expertise could also be used to help the people of Gaza build a democratic and productive society. 
Trudeau is earning respect for the consistency of his message, and for his courage in expressing it to all audiences.  I urge readers to review key statements he has made by going to Or look at the video on YouTube of Marc Garneau’s speech several weeks ago at an Ottawa rally. 
 Actually, Jonathan, I think "mosqueteer" Trudeau's key statements about "reaching out" and holding "conversations" tell us everything we need to know about him, his party and his so-called courage.

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