Monday, August 18, 2014

From the Files of the Ontario "Human Rights" Tribunal: A Labia Loophole

Found this here:
In Finan v. Cosmetic Surgicentre (Toronto), 2008 HRTO 47 paras 42-50 (CanLII), two transgender women alleged a doctor, who performs elective cosmetic plastic surgery, including on the genitals of both women and men, refused them services because they were trans. One woman was seeking plastic surgery on her labia and the other was seeking breast augmentation. The Tribunal found the trans women did experience prima facie discrimination as the doctor denied the surgeries because they were trans. However, the HRTO accepted the doctor’s justification that he was not qualified to safely perform the surgeries the trans women were seeking and found there was no expectation that he go get the necessary skills.
No doubt the doctor was relieved by that ruling, but how ridiculous that the trans women were able to drag him/her through the "human rights" process (which, as we know, is punishment enough for the accused).

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