Friday, August 29, 2014

Calgary Conference Designed to Tackle Radicalization of Local "Yutes" Features "Right of Return" Singer

Since Calgary has become fertile ground for ISIS recruitment, the locals have decided it's time to take action to try to curb it. That action consists of a four day conference--OWN IT--wherein the young'uns will undoubtedly be told to:
  •  ignore the jihad/sharia/supremacism embedded in core Islamic texts;
  • shun those clerics who fail to put that stuff in "the proper context";
  • close their ears and hearts to ISIS's enticing pitch which includes foreign intrigue, bloody beheadings and panting virgins.
Will it work? Probably not. Especially since the confab's featured performer is singer Maher Zain. Zain's biggest hit, a catchy little number called "Palestine Will Be Free," is a hymn to the "right of return" and Israel's demise.
To recap: ISIS's take on jihad is beyond the pale while a call to snuff out Israel is okey-dokey.

Own that, conference organizers.

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