Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ex-Archbish of Squish Rowan Williams Sez Islam Is "Rejuvinating" British Values

Ro, the old goat, appears to be off his meds again:
Britain’s former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, has said that Islam is rejuvenating “British values” during a critical speech against Islamophobic segments of the British media. 
Speaking to an audience of thousands at the annual Living Islam Festival, organised by the Islamic Society of Britain in Lincolnshire on Friday, the ex-archbishop praised mosques that have been working with local parishes to provide family services and youth activities. 
The Independent reported that Dr. Williams, who in 2008 called for the application of certain aspects of Islamic law in the UK, also criticized the notion of “British values,” saying that they should be more universal...
"Universal"? Oh, you mean like Islam itself?

Here's a recent photo showing some of the "rejuvenation" process in action:

Here's another (which mentions the "universal"):

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