Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Shira Herzog, "Progressive" Pundit, Dies of Cancer

I am sorry to hear of the death at far too young an age of Shira Herzog, a woman who fought--and ultimately lost--her battle with breast cancer. That said, Ms. Herzog was emblematic of those "progressive" Jews who are clueless about the jihad being waged against the Jewish state (for having the chutzpah to be sovereign and Jewish, and for therefore making a mockery of Islamic doctrine about Jews and their proper place--supine, debased--in a land claimed for Allah forever). She wrote so much wishful thinking, mishegas and utter bollocks about the wonderful things that would come to pass if only Israelis believed as she did--in unicorns, rainbows and the peaceful intentions of "moderate" Palestinians; no wonder she was given a perch in the pages of the Globe and Mail, a rag of the elites that simply does not "get" Zionism, and which therefore trashes it every chance it gets. Ironically, in a career as a gushing pundit pushing the "peace" agenda, Ms. Herzog actually set back the cause of peace--real peace, that is, and not peace in the Islamic/sharia sense of the word, or the fanciful, delusional "peace" of bien pensents who write for and read the Globe and Mail.

Rest in peace, Shira. In real peace, that is.

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