Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Not A Pretty Picture--The Visage of UN "Human Rights" 'Roo Whose Verdict Re Israel Is a Foregone Conclusion on the Cover of the CJN

The dead tree version of the Canadian Jewish News has this bloke's photo on the front page and poses a question which, frankly, is more than a little silly: "Will he judge Israel fairly?"

Will someone associated with the UN's odious and risibly named (misnamed) "human rights" outfit, which lives and breathes Zionhass, judge Israel fairly?
In a pig's ear, he will.

To confirm the obvious, here's a portion of the CJN's interview with the 'roo:
During the recent conflict, rockets were found in UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) schools on at least three occasions that I know of, and they were turned over to Hamas. Doesn’t that indicate that any organization supported by the UN to look into this is not impartial and cannot come out with an impartial verdict?  
I don’t really understand your question. You’re telling me something, which is something quite possibly that the commission would investigate, but why would that affect the impartiality of the commission? I don’t really understand the question here. Well, they were taking sides.  
How can the body that runs UNRWA come to an impartial verdict here?  
The Commission of Inquiry set up by the HRC is not UNRWA. UNRWA is different. There’s no connection between the commission of inquiry set up by the HRC and UNRWA. I don’t see the relationship, unless you think that everything to do with the United Nations is somehow fatally tarnished. I don’t believe you’d be saying that. Do you believe that the UN Security Council is also terribly biased in the situation?
Not everything to do with the UN is fatally tarnished. But both UNRWA and the UN "human rights" racket are. (And, man, I wish that had been the interviewer's comeback to this sanctimonious gasbag.)

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