Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ceeb Company Dude 'Splains the "Thinking" Behind the Mothercorp's Decision Not to Show Those "Provacative" Charlie Hebdo Motoons

David Studer sez the Ceeb's mandate is to promote tolerance (obviously at the expense of telling the truth and standing up to the enemies of free expression, including those who massacred 12 journalists and cartoonists who were far braver and more dedicated to the concept of free speech than is the entirety of Ceeb employees, nationwide).

The Ceeb's pusillanimity and complete capitulation to sharia  in the name of not giving offense is as revolting as it is troubling. However, given the state broadcaster's steadfastly leftist mindset/worldview, its submission is not the least bit unexpected.

Update: Melanie Phillips is unimpressed, to say the least, by the media's kowtowing and the Je Suis Charlie crowd:
A core western value, freedom of expression, was snuffed out with contemptuous ease along with 12 innocent lives, among them some of France’s most iconic and beloved cartoonists.

The emotion behind the “Je Suis Charlie” demonstrations, as an expression of solidarity with the murdered Charlie Hebdo staff, was very understandable. But did anyone actually mean it? For what Charlie Hebdo did was what very few people have ever done. In continuing to publish its scurrilous images of Islam and Islamists, Charlie Hebdo had refused to be cowed by Islamist terrorism.

Plainly, therefore, very few people indeed mean “Je Suis Charlie,” since the media response to the massacre has been carefully to obliterate the images Charlie Hebdo published that so offended al-Qaida.
She's talking about you and your craven Ceeb cofreres, David Studer. Not that you're likely to give a crap.

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Unknown said...

The Je Suis Charlie crowd who don't publish their images aren't with them at all.