Monday, January 5, 2015

Terrible Ideas Du Jour

To end terrorism/jihad, we must "talk" to the terrorists/jihadis.

Multiculturalism rocks!

Reviving Maoism in China.

Mahmoud Abbas's PA wants in to the ICC.

Wiping Israel Off the Map

Defend indigenous cancers against nefarious Jews!

Update: Inspired by the first link, I'm updating my parody of this song:

If we could talk to the terrorists,
Just imagine it.
Chatting with jihadis in the sticks.
We could delve into the crisis
With input, natch, from ISIS.
A dicey situation we could "fix."

If we could talk to the terrorists,
Open up that door.
Remember it worked with the IRS.
And once again we'll be successful
Re situations stressful
(Unless this is a different sort of mess).

We'll help 'em find political solutions
And they will bind 'em to the cause of "peace".
As for that little matter of supremacy,
There is a "remedy":
We'll be dhimmis.

If  we could talk to the terrorists,
Like Neville talked back then
Appeasement surely's not a thing to dread.
And so we'll talk to the terrorists,
Flock to the terrorists,
Tugging our forelocks to the terrorists
And pray we keep our heads.

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