Friday, January 9, 2015

Will the Jihad Get Stephen Harper Re-elected?

Liberal insider Warren Kinsella seems to think so. Kinsella admits that in these fraught times Canadians may not want to put an obvious lightweight like Justin Trudeau (my characterization of the Liberal leader, not Kinsella's) in charge:
Canadians understand that the world has become a much more dangerous place, and they don’t consider handing out box lunches to the many victims of ISIS/ISIL – and nothing else – to be thoughtful foreign policy. They consider it to be mistaken. 
I was mistaken, too, it seems. Improbably, foreign affairs has become top-of-mind for voters in this election year. And, because debates about foreign affairs are really just debates about values in disguise, the Conservative Party is getting undeniably closer to what was once considered completely impossible: Re-election.
Have faith, Warren. The jihad could die down between now and election time. That would allow your boychick to amp up the climate change alarmism that just might do the trick for you Liberals.

Then again, considering that Justin has the IQ of an Eggo waffle and the street smarts of a Richie Rich, I wouldn't count on it.

Then again, he looks real purty and his last name is Trudeau, so there's that.

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