Thursday, February 19, 2015

Beinart "Has No Patience" for Elie Wiesel. But Who Has Any Patience for Beinart and His Ghastly "Progressivism"?

Peter Beinart is one of those "progressive" Jews who has internalized the enmity of the Jews' enemies. A Hannah Arendt type, if you will. Jonathan Tobin provides an example of this type's though processes, specifically how Pete is coping with Elie Wiesel coming to Bibi Netanyahu's defense:
But, as he writes in his latest Haaretz column, Beinart has no patience for Wiesel these days. Why? Because Wiesel has written a public letter published as an ad in the New York Times and the Washington Post, supporting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans to speak to Congress about the nuclear threat from Iran.
According to Beinart, this is just one more example of Wiesel being “blind to the harm that Jews cause.” Whatever your opinion about the wisdom of Netanyahu’s decision to give the speech (and I’ve repeatedly questioned it), the notion that an Israeli leader speaking up to urge the world to stop Iran obtaining the ability to threaten or to carry out another Holocaust is causing “harm” is not only outrageous. It speaks volumes about the mindset of Beinart and others like him who view Jewish self-defense with more alarm than the continued efforts of those who seek to slaughter Jews.
And Beinart? He's blind to the harm that "progressive" Jews like him cause Jewry in general and Israel in particular.

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