Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jonathan Kay: The Problem Isn't the Jihad. The Problem Is All Those 'Extremists' (Like Ezra Levant) Who Complain About the Jihad

In a revealing interview in the Canadian Jewish News, Jonathan Kay proves once again that he "gets" the whole jihad-in-the-advancement-of-sharia thing not at all:
[S]ometimes I’ll give a speech in a synagogue, and you’ll get some middle-aged guy get up and start saying stuff about Muslims that really resembles the stuff people used to say about Jews, like, “These guys can’t be assimilated in our fifth column.” Jews used to worry about this kind of political rhetoric in their society, rightly, because they were often the target of it. And to a certain extent they’re still the target of it. But I don’t like to go to synagogues and see that kind of thing, or to see it in the comment section of a newspaper. I don’t like to see it as part of the casual conversation. But now, unfortunately, you see it in the synagogues and you see it online, sometimes you see it out of the mouths of op-ed page writers and even on Sun News, where Jewish people, who should know better, have become the extremists.  
You’re talking about Ezra Levant.
I’m talking about Ezra Levant, but I’m also talking about the thousands of people [who] email me on behalf of Ezra Levant. And I hate to say it, but a lot of them happen to have Jewish names. 
I hate to say it, but when it comes to the jihad Kay is delusional/utterly clueless/out to lunch.

Kay is right about one thing, though. Jewish people should know better--about what threatens them. Too bad he isn't one of "the thousands of people" who do.

Update: Jon's mom Barbara offers a spirited defense of the JDL. At the same time, she is withering in her criticism of CIJA.

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Michael Laven said...

What is the matter with Jewish people that they are annoyed when they are vilified in supposed places of worship?

Christians have the same problem.

Do we all need therapy or is there an elephant walk that we have failed to notice? - Denyse O'Leary from Ottawa