Monday, February 23, 2015

Report: Proposed Deal With Iran Would Allow It To Develop Nuclear Weapons

This is the definition of insanity:
The deal that the United States and the P5+1 powers are working towards would enable Iran to produce nuclear weapons only a few years after the signing of the accords, if Iran demonstrates “good behavior” during the years the agreement is in effect, Israel’s NRG reported on Monday. The report cites an official involved in the talks between the Western powers and Iran who leaked details of the agreement emerging between the two sides. 
The report states that the one point of contention continuously arising in conversations is the United States’ requirement to impose conditions on Tehran to supervise its program for 20 years, in order to examine Iran’s compliance and good behavior. Iranian representatives, however, have only agreed to a decade, and according to the Western official, the parties might meet somewhere in the middle. 
The source noted that one of the variations discussed in the talks is the tight and rigorous inspection of the Islamic Republic’s uranium enrichment for 10 years. If the Iranians comply with the conditions and if they demonstrate “good behavior,” then the restrictions will be removed for the last five years of the agreement – a time-frame that will allow them to develop a nuclear weapon during those years...

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