Thursday, February 26, 2015

Too Many "Progressive" Jews: ASHamed of Israel and ASHamed of Jews Being Winners For a Change

Daniel Greenfield writes:
Leftist Jews who have abandoned G-d and His commandments still feel the itching of an aimless guilt that they scratch with a self-hating inferiority complex. They think that the solution to being hated is to throw every game and to let the other guy win. Their damaged moral code tells them that bad people win and good people lose. Winning makes them feel as if they did something wrong. 
They are suckers for every cause, but their own. They can only find fulfillment in the causes of others. Other people’s causes are untainted by reflexive guilt no matter how evil they may be. SJP’s [Students for Justice and Peace's] chapters have no shortage of Jewish members who feel that the cause of destroying their own people is cleaner than their own cause. And even many liberal Jews who do not try to escape their sense of guilt through such extremes of national self-hatred lack any deep and passionate conviction in a Jewish cause. 
They emphasize the positive. They would rather play defense than go on the offense. Their ideal outcome is for everyone to sit together and work out their differences. And that’s why they lose.
Yes, but because they are ASHamed Jews (as Howard Jacobson called them in his mordant, Mann Booker prize-winning novel, The Finkler Question), losing makes 'em feel good and fair and selfless and, most crucially of all, as virtuous as can be. So in a perverse sort of way, only by losing can they feel like winners. And isn't that how things usually roll in their up-is-down/bad-is-good through-the-looking-glass world? (You don't have to be Jewish to dwell in this topsy-turvy netherworld; it's where "progressives" like Obama live, too.)

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