Saturday, February 21, 2015

How Can Obama Talk About "Human Rights" Being a Remedy for "Violent Extremism" When the OIC's 1990 "Human Rights" Declaration Proves That That's a Load of Codswallop?

Upon hearing that Barack Obama is proffering "an expansion of human rights" as a way to "combat extremism," a question occurred to me: Is the POTUS aware that Muslim countries have signed on to a "human rights" statement that's markedly different from--and, in fact, amounts to the antithesis of--the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

Somewhat ironically, it's called "The Cairo Declaration " (ironic because Cairo is the city Obama chose back in his first term to declare that America owed the Muslim world a big apology).

Here's how the Muslims' "human rights" declaration starts out:
Keenly aware of the place of mankind in Islam as vicegerent of Allah on Earth;
Recognizing the importance of issuing a Document on Human Rights in Islam that will serve as a guide for Member states in all aspects of life;

Having examined the stages through which the preparation of this draft Document has so far, passed and the relevant report of the Secretary General;

Having examined the Report of the Meeting of the Committee of Legal Experts held in Tehran from 26 to 28 December, 1989;

Agrees to issue the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam that will serve as a general guidance for Member States in the Field of human rights.

Reaffirming the civilizing and historical role of the Islamic Ummah which Allah made as the best community and which gave humanity a universal and well-balanced civilization, in which harmony is established between hereunder and the hereafter, knowledge is combined with faith, and to fulfill the expectations from this community to guide all humanity which is confused because of different and conflicting beliefs and ideologies and to provide solutions for all chronic problems of this materialistic civilization.

In contribution to the efforts of mankind to assert human rights, to protect man from exploitation and persecution, and to affirm his freedom and right to a dignified life in accordance with the Islamic Shari'ah.
"Human rights" that are in accordance with Islamic Sharia'ah, include:
  • Muslims having more "human rights" than non-Muslims; 
  • men having more "human rights" than women;
  • and death sentences meted out for such violations of Islamic Sharia'ah as, say, practicing homosexuality or deciding to opt out of Islam (i.e. becoming an "apostate").
If Obama is unaware of this "human rights" document, then he's a pathetic ignoramus. If his is aware of it, and has chosen to ignore it, then he's a duplicitous blowhard. Either way, he has once again shown himself  to be unfit to hold the office to which he was re-elected (a re-election which represents "the triumph of hope over experience," as Oscar Wilde said of second marriages).

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