Wednesday, February 18, 2015

ISIS's Islam is Medieval. Evil, Too

FrontPager Daniel Greenfield writes:
ISIS isn’t just seventh century Islam. It’s also much more recent than that. It’s Islam before the French and the English came. It’s what the Muslim world was like before it was forced to have presidents and constitutions, before it was forced to at least pay lip service to the alien notion of equal rights for all. 
The media reported the burning of the Jordanian pilot as if it were some horrifying and unprecedented aberration. But Muslim heretics, as well as Jews and Christians accused of blasphemy, were burned alive for their crimes against Islam. Numerous accounts of this remain, not from the seventh century, but from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Those who weren’t burned, might be beheaded. 
These were not the practices of some apocalyptic death cult. They were the Islamic law in the “cosmopolitan” parts of North Africa. The only reason they aren’t the law now is that the French left behind some of their own laws. 
Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia that were never truly colonized still behead men and women for “witchcraft and sorcery.” Not in the seventh century or even in the nineteenth century. Last year. 
The problem isn’t that ISIS is ‘medieval’. The problem is that Islam is...
Of course, most Muslims have no interest in atavistic behavior that involves beheading anyone. But enough of them find such things captivating--and enough of them believe in the "rightness" of Islamic supremacism being advanced by jihad, with or without the atavism--that it has now become a major modern headache (pun intended).

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