Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Religion Is Not Responsible for Terrorism. People Are Responsible for Terrorism"

That deathless line was uttered several minutes ago by Barack Obama in front of those attending his "Countering Violent Extremism" summit. To summit up (sorry), Obama is doing whatever he can to give Islam an out, thereby demonstrating that he suffers from perhaps the worst case of jihad denial in the civilized world.

Using the same "logic," one could observe that Nazism was not responsible for the Holocaust. People were responsible for the Holocaust.

Update: Obama's summit amounts to "useless chatter."

Update: Obama proclaims: 'We are not at war with Islam.'

To be more specific, we're at war with Islamic supremacists who are waging jihad, which, pace Barack, is a core component of Islam.

Update: Re that "we are not at war with Islam" thought, ISIS begs to differ, of course:
"[T]he sword will continue to be drawn, raised, and swung until 'Isa (Jesus — peace be upon him) kills the Dajjal (the Antichrist) and abolishes the jizyah [poll tax]," the article states. "Thereafter, kufr and its tyranny will be destroyed; Islam and its justice will prevail on the entire Earth. ... But until then, parties of kafirin will continue to be struck down by the unsheathed sword of Islam."

Update: Re the Obama statement quoted above, Daniel Greenfield makes the same point that I did (more or less) and adds some thoughts of his own:
He could just as easily have said that Nazism isn’t responsible for terrorism — people are. 
Of course there is no Islam without people. Ultimately everything done is done by people. But Obama has adapted the NRA’s slogan about guns to ideologies. But unlike guns, which are inanimate objects, ideas live in the brains of people. 
And yes, they can make people kill people.
Jihad doesn't kill people. People waging jihad kill people.

Sing it, Barbra: "People, people who kill people/Are the jihadi-est people in the world..."

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