Thursday, February 19, 2015

Summing Up the Summit, Marvelettes-Style

Oh, yeah, read some his'try, Mr. POTUS.
Rea-ea-ea-ea-ead, Mr. POTUS.
Please, Mr. POTUS, crack a text.
Not one by Zinn or Esposito--they're vexed.
Please, Mr. POTUS, read some Steyn,
And, fingers crossed, it'll blow your mind.
There must be some kind of way-ay.
To break the logjam in your brain today.
Please, Mr. POTUS, read your Karsh
Even tho' it's gonna, it's gonna sound harsh.

We've been sittin' here list'ning, Mr. POTUS
So-o so patiently
For just a sign or just a signal
That you're havin' an epiphany...

For three whole days you've tried to say
That they need "jobs" to keep 'em at bay.
You wouldn't stop from tryin' to blame us
And all the while, you're strivin' to shame us.
Please, Mr. POTUS, look and see
Where you've gone wrong in your history.
You're in denial about the jihad
And so you're actin' like a louse and a cad.
You better wait a minute, wait a minute.
Oh, you better wait a minute.
Please, please, Mr. POTUS
Please check and you'll see
That they're jihadi.
You better wait, wait a minute
Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute
Please, Mr. POTUS
Their D-capitations
Need D-nunciations...

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