Friday, February 20, 2015

Obama Thinks the Problem Is That Our Counter-Terrorism "Messages" Are "Boring," Appoints New "Czar" to Create Better "Messaging"

Well, it is hard to compete with ISIS's "messaging," replete as it is are with scenes of carnage and gruesomeness, that, if fake, would be in line for an Academy Award for Best Makeup. But, hey, maybe one of those "czars," an Obama trademark, can make some headway in countering ISIS's "messages":

Or maybe not:
“In Washington, when you don’t want to do something, you describe it as a messaging problem,” said Danielle Pletka, vice president of foreign and defense policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute. “And you resort to promoting messaging czars. The real problem is you have nothing to message. That’s at the heart of Obama’s problem. He doesn’t have a policy or a strategy to message — not with the military, not with the political, not with the economic.”...
As for Obama's linkage of terrorism and dire economic circumstances,
Ms. Pletka said Mr. Obama’s idea as a counterterrorism strategy is “garbage.” 
“Counterterrorism is not a jobs program,” she said. “And the fact that he linked unemployment with terrorism is beyond ridiculous. If that were the case, we wouldn’t see terrorists coming from social welfare states like Denmark or Belgium or the U.K.”
Great point.

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