Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Thanks for Coming and Try the Zionhass (This Saturday Night at Beit Zatoun)

On the bill at this local meeting place for rabid Zion-loathers: David Sheen. He'll be presenting a slideshow that will
demonstrate Israeli incitement to racist violence towards Palestinians, Africans and other non-Jews.  Sheen documents how top Israeli political and religious leaders inspired the vigilante attacks which spiked during last summer’s assault on the Gaza Strip. In addition to race and religion, the presentation touches on issues of gender and class.  It includes material Sheen presented at the Russell Tribunal on Palestine in Brussels, as well as new material that has not yet been made public anywhere. 
The event is the handiwork of the usual self-adoring/self-righteous rabble:
Organized by Independent Jewish Voices – Toronto
Endorsed by Canadian Dimension Magazine, the Socialist Project, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network IJAN, United Jewish Peoples Order UJPO
Just who is Slideshow David Sheen? I learned here that he
is an independent journalist and filmmaker who falsely claims that Israel discriminates against Africans. One false quote he publicized on his Twitter feed states that “Just as Nazis compared Jews to vermin to incite racism against them, Netanyahu compares non-Jewish Africans to ebola.”
By purveying his Big Lie about Israel at a time when Jew-hate is once again spreading like wildfire around the globe, it is evident that Dave is the one who might be compared to ebola.

FYI, this is not
Slideshow Dave.

Update: From a 2014 FPM article:
Max Blumenthal really hates Jews. He hates Jews so much that one of his conspiracy theories about Israel was reposted by the Neo-Nazi gunman who opened fire at a Kansas City Jewish community center. 
His book Goliath does its best to mock the Holocaust while depicting Jews as the New Nazis with chapters like “How To Kill Goyim And Influence People”. It’s the sort of deranged hatefest you expect from a guy living in a trailer in the woods, except it comes from a Clinton associate backed by The Nation. 
So Germany’s Left Party, the successors of the East German Communist dictatorship, decided to invite Max Blumenthal and his even crazier pal David Sheen to spew hate about Jews under the guise of being “Anti-Zionist”. Sheen, like Blumenthal, also specializes in calling Jews, Nazis. Except that Sheen also rants about Judaism and “Jewish Supremacy”. 
If Sheen sounded a lot like a Nazi, that made the invite more appropriate and controversial. 
In the end Max Blumenthal proved to be too anti-Semitic even for German Commies.
He'd be among his peeps at Beit Zatoun, though.

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