Friday, March 27, 2015

Canadian Council for Refugees in a Lather Over Our Supposed "Intolerance Towards Muslims"

The CCR released this "Statement in solidarity with Muslims" a few days ago:
The Canadian Council for Refugees is deeply concerned at the rise of intolerance towards Muslims in Canada and calls on political, community and faith leaders to take strong, positive action in response. 
Muslim refugees and immigrants arriving in Canada now face increased prejudice and hostility, which greatly undermine efforts to welcome them and support them as they seek to integrate into Canadian society. Muslims bear the overwhelming brunt of anti-terrorism measures, which constantly remind them that, whatever they do or say, they are viewed with suspicion. Canadians’ disproportionate focus on the head coverings worn by some Muslim women is causing much distress for Muslims, while distracting attention from very real problems, such as the discrimination faced by Muslims in the Canadian labour market. At a time when Canadians are concerned about potential radicalization of youth, stereotyping of Muslims is dangerously counter-productive, since it can make Muslim young persons question whether they can ever fully belong in Canadian society. 
If intolerance towards Muslims is allowed to continue to grow, there is a real danger that it will influence policies respecting which refugees are selected for resettlement...
Having witnessed the Zionhass on display during the Ayatollah Khomeini's annual Al Quds Day at Queen's Park, and knowing as I do that the vast majority of hate crimes in Canada's largest city are perpetrated against Jews, I'm far more concerned about the intolerance of Muslims, whose population, thanks to our overly generous and un-discriminating immigration and refugee policies, is now three times the size of ours. 

Update: Not surprisingly, the CCR's stance finds favour with Canadian Islamic rag, IQRA.

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